Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 26

STR 17
DEX 14
CON 15
INT 15
WIS 11
CHA 11


Aeran mac Dowell is a man whose actions speak louder than his words. Little is known of his past save that he has travelled Aenoria many years as a sellsword, loaning his considerable combat skills to anyone with enough money.

He was hired by Lady Brianag to serve in her personal guard – a task rarely given to a mercenary. After an attempt at her life by unknown assailants Brianag tasked Aeran to accompany the four companions to uncover who was behind the assassination.

Aeran was brought up by his father; a mercenary who made his living either by challenging over enthuastic noblemen to duels and looting their corpses, or just by serving in mercenary companies. He seemed to hold a grudge towards his infant son for unknown reasons. When Aeran was a yound lad he saw his father die in a battle against the Hillfolk. In his dying words his father begged his son not to become as he was. Aeran’s response was: “I won’t… fail in battle as you did”.


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