Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 23

STR 16
CON 17
INT 10
WIS 14
CHA 17


As he was born as a third child into a family the townsfolk might consider noble, there were high expectations for him; unfortunately he just did not quite meet those expectations.

Even at the age of three he was significantly larger than the other children and because of this he was also very slow with his movements, and thoughts, to certain point. Camil the Clumsy, they called him. His parents tried to keep him away from the other children because of their lower born and also in fear of Camil getting harassed due to his size and higher born. This didn’t always work and at the age of five, one faithful morning he managed to slip away from the servants into the town to play with the others. He wasn’t received very well among others: the other kids started bullying him, calling him names and throwing small objects whatever they could find, from sticks to stones. At this point something snapped in his head, he lunged for one of the kids and started beating him in blind rage.

The townsfolk were infuriated by the event as the smaller kid was nearly beaten to death. Regardless of their status within the town, Camil’s parents couldn’t stand before the angry mob demanding for the “abomination of a child” to be exiled from his home village. With no options left but to endanger the whole family and bloodline or to send Camil away, they paid a passing scholar from a nearby monastery to take Camil with him and have him raised in the monastery.

Camil kept growing in size and this gave him great advantage in the art of fighting. The Shield Brothers of the monastery also saw this and had no intention of schooling him into a cleric but much rather into a paladin. At the age of thirteen he already had the height and strenght of a man but his mind quite didn’t follow up to his growth. The teachings of Nimue about mercy he took close to his heart, but they had a slightly different meaning for him than what they were meant to be in first place: to show mercy to a sinner by releasing him from the corrupt of sin by any means necessary, through prayer or through force.

At his 22nd birthday he ‘graduated’ from the monastery as a Paladin and started his journey to purify the world from sin or as he calls it, show mercy to people. Somewhat delusional and unsuspecting of nature, it didn’t take that long to get into trouble. As a pack of vile teenagers robbed him of his money and dignity, he had to survive with only the remains of money he had sewn within the liner of his clothes. A few days later he ended up in town of Clydewell with sore feet, a cold and aching muscles. He rented a room at the local inn to recover his health, restocked his stolen goods and prepared to continue his journey.


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