Dougan Kaeulgan

Head of the Leguinean noble house Ulgan.


Dougan is one of the most influental men in Drystan. As the ruler of Barkshire and the Kae (“chieftain”) of the wealthiest noble family in Leguinea he commands great respect – and in Leguinea respect is everything. It is said there ar two kinds of men: those who fear Dougan Kaeulgan and those that hate him.

As the head of the Ulgans virtually every mercenary pays him tribute, and no-one dares to stand up against his Sellsword Companies – a collection of professional armies that regulate the mercenary “market” – one of the few exports left in Leguinea. Dougan worked for many years in the Companies and rose to the top after his predecessors were conveniently assassinated. He has a wide spread reputation of bending his word, abandoning his allies at the last moment and supporting organized banditry. How much of these tales have been spread by his political enemies, few can tell…



Dougan was chosen as the one to receive the The Horn of Leguinea. He is currently bringing his claim of the throne before the other noble houses, and has sworn to send his companies to help against the invasion.

Dougan Kaeulgan

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