A mutant lizardkin with magical abilities


Even when Kragnak emerged from his spawning pool everyone knew he was different. For unknown reasons the youngling’s thick scales glittered like bronze and two great wings sprouted from his back. He grew quickly into the largest of the Bozards, and soon was famous not only for his strange appearance but of how he savagely fought the creeping horrors surrounding the vulnerable home of the lizardkin. The Arbiters argued amongst themselves whether it was safe to let such creature to live, but feared to intervene because of his stature among the lower species.

Secretly Kragnak had learned to read. Unlike his slower brothers his mind was clear and soon he began to question the rule that the undead priesthood exerted over his people. When it was revealed that he possessed natural abilities to use magic the Arbiters declared him an apostate and ordered his death. Fleeing from the lizardkin nest, Kragnak swore to free his kindred not only from the priesthood’s rule but from the schackles of their own bodies and minds.

After leaving Kragnak convinced the majority of the bozars to follow him. He has since scoured the ruined city for magical rocks that he can use to spawn more advanced speciments such as himself, swearing vengeance against the Arbiters and all who stand with them.



The PCs were ordered to kill Kragnak by the Arbiters, but after speaking with him they decided to take thw bozar’s side and framed his death. Whatever happened between the two factions after this is unknown… for now.


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