A mysterious wizard orking for unkwnong


A mysterious character who tries to get the mysterious stones. Wields enormous magical powers.

Often called “Master”, his real name has been found out to be Geshtar.



Geshtar, sometimes referred as “G”, is the boss of Cadarn mac Istorn. He has hired the services of the Thieves Guild in Glenwathen. Presently his motives appear to make little sense. He drove the clans of Glenwathen into a riot and had three northern thanes murdered.

His motives seem to rovelve around the Mysterious Stone. He managed acquire all of them and combined them into one. He dissappeared into a magical portal at the top of the Glenwathen cathedral.

Later Geshtar’s motives became all to clear: he is a high ranking Visiroth mage who sought to create chaos within Aenoria and to open the magical portal for his emperor in order to conquer all of Drystan.


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