A wizard


Ronald is a wizard who was responsible for the kidnapping of Ronan mac Spealine and the corruption of the Glwyliadwrus forest.

He does little to cover his egoistic nature. He treats everyone like an inferior to his supposed titanic intellect.


Ronald led a group of mercenaries in to a ruined temple of Teutanis called Cuddiedig. From the ruins he found another Mysterious Stone but was defeated and captured alive by the PC’s.

After being interrogated by them the PCs took him back to the Glwyliadwrus forest, tying him to a tree and leaving him to the judgement of the forest’s Fey. Ronald didn’t seem very concerned.

Later he emerged in Glenwathen to offer his services for Ross magh Connacht. He helped to slow down the Master‘s plans. In return he only wanted to uncover what was the mage’s real name. After raiding the Glenwathen cathedral and learnng what he wanted he dissappeared without a trace.


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