Ronan mac Spealine

An old-blooded woodcutter living near Rowdy Piper Inn


Ronan is a middle-aged man who lives near a fairy forest called Glwyliadwrus in a small cottage with his daughter Elaine mac Spealine.


Ronan is a descendant of an old clergy that used to live within the forest. Thus Ronan is able to walk unharmed within the fairy forest and calm the spirits and faeries living there.

Because of the nature of the Glwyliadwrus forest, Ronan and his daughter live in solitude as common people rarely dare to venture in to the fairy forest.

Ronan was kidnapped and used as a protection from the forest by a group of mercenaries led by a wizard named Ronald. Ronan was later rescued by the PC’s.

Ronan mac Spealine

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