Current owner: Grzegorz

weapon (melee)

Quarterstaff +1

+1 to hit
Dam: 1d6 + 1
Critical: 20 / 2x

Weight: 2 lbs.

Special ablities:

- Burning Hands (1 charge)
- Summon Monster II (2 charge)
- Lightning Bolt: damage 4d6, DC13 Reflex (1/day)


The arcane powers surrounding this ancient staff are hard to decode. The bronze dragon at it’s top is rarely seen in Cernish sculptures. This combined with it’s strange arcane aura suggest it may be of foreign origin.

Wyrm-enaid (rouhly translated as “Serpent’s soul”) was found underneath the catacombs of the Glenwathen cathedral by Grzegorz. Although it’s aura is hard to read, it may be possible that it has been more powerful in the past. Under the right circumstances it may beacome that once again…


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