Class: Ranger
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 18

STR 14
DEX 17
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 15
CHA 15


Branden is part of a collection of families originating from northern Aenoria who make their living as hunters and merchants of animal parts. They follow a continious pattern of hunting rare animals in the north for a few years at a time and then migrating south to the province of Gilwrey for a while to trade. His surname Hektorian is unique to a Cern, as the word has it’s roots in the Ellysian empire.

Branden (loosely translated as ‘little raven’) is the youngest son of one of the finest hunters of the group, Kael. He was tought to be an archer by his father, as his more brawnier elder brothers Waldron and Brenhin were better suited for hand-to-hand combat because of their large size.

Branden is a quiet man who rarely speaks his mind. As a loner he prefers to scout ahead of his companions, often frustrated by the noice generated from their trampling. Whether losing his mother in a bandit attack at an early age has been the source of his quiet nature nobody truly knows.


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