Lector of Llanhyvain (deceased)


Briallen the Fierce was the Lector of Llanhyvain. He was a controversial figure who openly defended the rights of the northern provinces. He was shocked when the Thane of Glenwathen ordered a law which rose the taxation of those clans whose forefathers allied themselves with the rebel thane Lorr magh Cewren, and urged the clans not to yeld to the law but fight back.


Briallen participated in a conspiracy with the master who promised him that the northern provinces would gain greater rights if only he would use his position to whip the people of Glenwathen into a fury which would later explode into a full scale riot.

Briallen was betrayed by the master and was slain by his servants. His death was pinned on the city’s thane in order to incite more violent riots.


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