Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 18

STR 10
DEX 18
CON 13
INT 18
CHA 16


“Now that I think of it I think I saw him over a year ago. Came from the North.
A young looking lad with blond hair and blue eyes. Black robes and a decent looking grey cloak.
He was hauling that large sack you mentioned. Yea, I think he stayed in the local inn Pint & Turnip."
-Northern provinces, Fall of 1268

“Oi, I had a few drinks with the lad ’n he told me ’bout his past. How him and his sister were
sent away by their parents at a very young age. He didn’t explain why nor was it my place to ask.
They were taken in by this old chap, a healer of some sort I believe. He lived deep in the backwoods…
Now that i think of it, that seems like a strange place for a medicine man to live. Oh well, he said
they were tutored by the man and that he was a harsh teacher but there was plenty to learn. He seemed
interested about the books and scrolls the fellow owned. He even said he had read few he shouldn’t
have. Haha, probably one of those dirty ones. Anyhow, the years went by and their master was on a verge
of a great discovery. He had sent the poor lad out in the rain to find certain herbs needed for a potion
of some sort and when he returned soaken wet, empty handed and dead tired he found out something had gone
horribly wrong with the experiment. The only thing left of the cabin were the foundations and some
charred remains. That must have been a tough spot for the lad. To lose everything like that. I guess
he’s been traveling ’round ’n ’round after that."
-Northern Gilwrey, Winter of 1268

“I’ve seen him. Went through here months back. Caused a small commotion by leaving the tavern
without paying. He left in such a hurry he even forgot his cloak there. Why do you ask?"
-Gilwrey, Spring of 1269

“Huh, so you want to know about the raggedy man in the black robe? I’ll tell you alright, but
the next round comes out of your purse. People say he’s a healer of some sorts. The traveling kind,
you know. He comes and goes as he pleases and for a few silver pieces he’ll cure what ails you.
I heard he cured that feverish flu that bothered aunt McGrots during the spring. I know he doesn’t
look like much and smells even worse but that’s what I’ve heard."
-Gilwrey, Summer of 1269

“What, you mean that smelly bum that lurked around the village with that large sack! If I get my hands on him…
You see, I caught that bastard stuffing me carrots in his pockets a few weeks back! As if the local thieves
aren’t big enough pests already! No, no, no! Now I have to worry about him aswell!"
-Gilwrey, Fall of 1269

“He ain’t no healer, no sirree! I paid him a hefty of sum of silver up front to cure my aching back.
He rubbed something that looked like mud on it and told me not to wash myself for a week. Do you have
any idea what the stench was like after a week of showeling shit at the stables without a bath? And my
back still hurts!"
-Gilwrey, Winter of 1269


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