The Horn of Leguinea

Royal heirloom of Leguinea.


A large ancient ornated animal horn that is the ceremonial symbol of power in Leguinea. According to Leguinean customs one cannot seek the kings throne without the horn and all Leguinean lords must pledge loyalty to the rightful king.

According to legends the horn was removed from the fell beast Vorathi by Angor I – the first king of Leguinea. The monster had plagued the people for a decade until Angor, a semi-mythical warrior, came to the rescue. For six weeks he stalked the monster until finally, after many tests laid out by the gods, bested Vorathi and slew it with his spear. Angor was hailed as a hero by the helpless noblemen, but the warrior decided power was more to his liking than gold. He slew his weakling employers and took the throne, leading Leguinea to its golden age through conquest and bloodshed.

After centuries of infighting and countless regicides the horn was lost, its location a mystery.


The horn was retreaved from barrow plains by the PCs. Until then it was kept by a hag witch who preyed on mortal souls who attempted to seek the horn.

The horn was later given to Dougan Kaeulgan in exhange for military aid to fight the Visirothian menace.

The Horn of Leguinea

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