Starting location: Town of Clydewell in the province of Gilwrey, Aenoria. Early summer in the year 1270.

Player characters:

  • Magnus – coolheaded Cleric of Teutonis.
  • Camil – brash and loudmouthed Paladin of Nimue.
  • Grzegorz – a mysterious wandering Mage with necromantic abilities.
  • Branden – Ranger and expert marksman. Loner of the group.
  • Aeran – a soldier of fortune and a Fighter of considerable skill.

Their story can be followed by reading the diary of Magnus.

Leaf pattern

The PCs happen to meet for the first time as children fifteen years ago. A strange incident leaves it’s mark to each of them…

Adventure I
The Pcs all meet for the first time as adults. They are tasked to find a missing son of a local noble family and get mixed into something more than they bargained for…

Adventure II
After returning from their quest the PCs find themselves attacked by strange assassins. Not sure who they are up against, they are loaned the services of a deadly mercenary and are forced on the road to try and track their would-be killers…

Adventure III
Following a lead, the PCs travel north to the city of Glenwathen to investigate further who is after their heads. They gain new allies and face grave danger as the sinister plot around them begins to unravel…

After being separated from his companions Branden must make his own way through political turmoil and civil chaos to set his friends free from certain death…

Adventure IV
Captured and at their enemy’s mercy, the companions must make their escape or die tryng. But first they must endure the whims of their nemesis…

Adventure V
The companions must make their way to the northern borders of the realm in the hope of finding a mysterious prophet before their enemies do…

Adventure VI
After surviving the siege at the Rhaynder Valley the companions must escort the mad prophet back south. A new unknown enemy emergess…

Intermission 2
Branden meets with a strange apparition and embarks on his own journey to save a “mare”…

Adventure VII
The party finally reaches the legendary city of Caern Môrn, where everyone seems to have a hidden agenda. The adventurers soon must face scheming nobles, devious clerics and an ancient puzzle…

Adventure VIII
Another quest and new dangers await as the adventurers must press onwards into the mystical mountains of Mynydd Brynn to pursue their nemesis…


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