Location: Aenoria, in the province of Gilwrey.
Population: about 1000
Leadership: Baron Donohue magh Druimein
Important sites: Shomhairle monastery

Clydewell is a small town located by the river Gaedil in the middle of the province of Gilwrey. It is a farming community like many of it’s neighbours, the only thing separating from countless other country towns is the Shomhairle monastery – one of the oldest in the realms. Clydewell was originally built by pilgrims who travelled to see the famous lion statues that guard the monastery’s doors and to taste the renowned Shomhairle dark ale. Many faithful still come to give their thanks to the gods in the autumn, an important season for the townsfolk who make a good living by feeding and housing the travellers.

Clydewell is surrounded by dozens of farmsteads and small hamlets that all fall under the rule of the clan magh Druimein who are related to the thane by marriage. The baron is known as a fair if stern man who, against tradition, lives in the middle of Clydewell in a renovated stone house. Other notable citizens are the sage and magic user Hagen mac Blàr, head of the monastery Orrin the Wise, owner of the Shamrock Inn Rooney mac Thòmais and the head of the local noble clan Arabus magh Loinsigh.

The population is a mix of Northerners and Southerners who get along most of the time without trouble. While Corwynt is easily the most popular religion a few dozen still pay their respects to a Soultree in the nearby forest.


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