No rules (feats, classes etc.) are used except those in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. An exception are traits which can be chosen on the 1st level providing they fit the game world (GM’s choise).

Pathfinder rules provided by the wonderful people from Paizo.


The only selectable race is human (sorry!). The +2 bonus to a stat is removed.


Classes that cannot be chosen are: druid, monk, sorcerer and barbarian. Changes to class features:

Rogue: Minor magic and Major Magic rogue talents cannot be chosen unless the character started as a wizard.
Wizard: A player can take a level in the wizard class only if they started the game as one. Arcane Bond can only be formed to an item. Familiars are out of the game.
Cleric: A player can take a level in the cleric class only if they started the game as one. Change to Aura special ability: “The cleric emits a strong aura of either lawful, neutral or chaotic depending of his/her alignment”. Deities don’t have favoured weapon. Instead clerics are proficient with all bludgeon martial weapons.
Bard: A player can take a level in the bard class only if they started the game as one.
Paladin: A player can take a level in the paladin class only if they started the game as one. Smite Evil can be used against any enemy that the Paladin perceives as evil.
Ranger: Rangers cannot cast spells. Instead they gain an extra feat in the 4th, 8th and 12th levels. Remove Spellcraft from class skills, add Acrobatics.

Prestige classes cannot be chosen without a special permission from the GM (which he propably won’t give).


Stabilization: 5% +/- Con bonus (roll d100)

Characters taken below 0 hitpoints may suffer from additional injuries which may or may not be permanent depending how the GM is feeling at the moment.

Starting Character Wealth

See also: Coinage

Bard 90 sp
Cleric 120 sp
Fighter 120 sp
Paladin 120 sp
Ranger 120 sp
Rogue 90 sp
Wizard 50 sp

Max 20% of the sum can be kept as money (as either silver, bronze or copper pieces). The starting wealth can be affected by the character’s background (with GM’s permission).


Masterwork weapon prices:
Multiply the weapons normal price by 10. The minimum price for any weapon is 50sp while the maximum price is 300sp.

Masterwork armour prices:
Light armour: +50sp
Medium armour: +100sp
Heavy armour: +200sp

Many items (alchemist fire, weird ninja items, plain stupid weapons etc) have been removed from the game. Ask full list from the DM.


Alignments are used normally with the exception that Good and Evil are not “black/white” per se. While morality is more or less objective in Drystan, any spell, ability or item that effect “Good” or “Evil” creatures are disregarded. Know Alignment spell only lets you know if the person is Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic etc. Paladins, outsiders and other supernatural creatures are an exception and do not fall under this rule.


Use Rope is added to the skill list. It works as in the D&D 3.5 rules.


Master Craftsman cannot be chosen. Only magic users can craft magic items.


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