” Well met and welcome, amier! I am your most humble host and provider Yaslick na Yasan, peddler of most the excellent curiosities and weaver of tales fantastic. Come in and please rest your weary feet for a while. Yes, you have heard correctly – I am indeed well versed in ways of the world and have met and battled foes and fiends most gruesome on several occasions. So lend me your ear while I relay what I have learned in my travels. Perhaps later you’d like to browse through my humble wares? I can guarantee my prices are the best this side of Nedas! ”


During my most recent trek through your most respected Aenoria I ran into the local wild life several times. Thankfully I had befriended a group of savvy trappers who kept the beasts in check. The wolves hiding in the northern woods have earned their fierce reputation. They are man-eaters all of them, a fact worth remembering when travelling within the North. Reputably they have recently spread further south, and it won’t be long before they’ll be chasing after the shepherds of Efron! If a pack of ferocious flesh eating wolves doesn’t put the fear of the gods into you, how about the grizzly bears that populate the mountains? Their pelts alone are large enough to be used as sails in the largest vessels! Also they are said to enjoy most the flesh of men – preferably little children. Never engage these beasts in mêlée if possible. Keep your distance and use fire, as the beasts loath its purifying effects. For those of the hunting persuasion, I just happen to have a sturdy Leguinean heavy crossbow for sale. Never settle for anything but the best, I always say!


Of this most unpleasant subject I speak with utmost hesitation. To conjure the names of Those Who Wander the Night – the undead – is to invite evil spirits into your home. Some say they are the spirits of murderers and thieves. The Thyrians cliaim they are cursed to wander the earth because they were rejected by the gods of death. A scholar I once had the pleasure of knowing swore they are the products of foul black magic practiced by evil soul sucking wizards. Whatever they are, the important thing to remember when encountering them is simply to run and never look back. If you are brave or foolish enough to battle them, use the holiest of all materials: silver, for its purity will keep the undead at bay. Speaking of which, I happen to have several Corwyntian holy symbols inlaid with purest silver – a sure-fire way of keeping evil spirits in check…

The Fey

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Oh yes, the fairy folk. Drystan is indeed a magical and wonderful place to be inhabited by such creatures. They hide in the deepest woods and rivers where few men dare to venture. Take heed when venturing in their territories! Never, ever make campfires and always leave behind gifts as compensation for your trespass. Milk and honey are said to best please their appetites. I have heard many tales about their unmatched beauty, and it is said the luckiest find indescribable pleasure in their arms. Indeed I have met many who have the blood of the fairy folk running in their veins. They are marked with supernatural features and have seven fingers in each hand… Hard to believe, I know, but ’tis the honest truth!


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There is undoubtedly no plague greater than the Greenskin hordes. These revolting monsters were vomited into existence by the gods of darkness, and stalk honest men where ever they go. They are a savage and evil race that enjoy torturing and maiming the innocent. Fortunately they are stupid creatures who can be easily tricked or bribed with worthless baubles. Reputably their foul blood can mix with humans, and many victims of their raids have been known to give birth to monstrous half-breeds who have inherited their orc sire’s evil habits. Why such affronts to nature aren’t been put to death at birth, I have no idea.


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The Giant-kin you say? Your in luck my friend, as I am known to be an expert in this field (among others). You see I once came upon a real giant in my travels. He was as tall as a tree and his skin was made of pure granite. Not a bad sort of a fellow if you ask me, though liable to ramble for hours and quite the drunk. I bargained my entire selection of fine wines for safe passage through his territory. A fantastic tale indeed, but a true one nevertheless! He told me many tales about his people and how they had once ruled the lands from castles made of pure light and clouds. His kin are few these days, as they have retarded into lesser races, such as the dreaded ogres and trolls. I have even heard of men whose bloodline has at some point mixed with that of ogres – a most revolting prospect if you ask me. Speaking of ogres: everyone knows how they are repelled by the smell of fish. Here’s a little secret, just between you and me: use trout – the brutes can’t stand the stuff!


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This is a subject best left for sages and priests. Many times have I heard of foul unnatural rituals gone horribly wrong, resulting in a demon rampaging through the streets slaughtering helpless townsfolk. I implore you: never get mixed up with the practitioners of the black arts! More than once have suspicious characters come to me asking for ancient tomes containing arcane incantations, in the hopes of binding weird and otherworldly creatures in their service. Naturally I turn such characters away at the doorstep – let it be known that Yaslick na Yasan is a man worthy of his spotless reputation and deals not in artifacts of black magic!

Magical beasts

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Now some folk might scold at the notion of a dragon or a griffon, saying they are merely the products of superstition and fantasy. As a learned and well traveled man I say these notions are quite foolish to the point of being ignorant. Magical and unnatural beasts have stalked the lands since the beginning of time. Made by mad wizards or madder gods, who knows. But rest assured they are as real as you and I. Indeed many warrior bands make their living hunting them for their organs which mystics and alchemists use in the creation of their elixirs. Why, I have known several fellows who make their living dealing in carcasses of unnatural beasts. It is a most dangerous occupation fit only for the most bold and reckless. Dare I judge from your appearance if you just might be in the trade? Just as I thought! Luckily for you my wares just happen to include various apparatus absolutely necessary in monster hunting. Please allow us to discuss further the finer details…


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