" You cannot trust a man or a beast. Gods even less – and I’m a pious man! Gold shilling and crowns, bands of silver, copper pennies – these you can trust. Glory is for the nearsighted, greed is eternal. "
- Vasir NaLasair, Osric merchant

Commerce plays a vital part in the everyday life of the men and women of Drystan. While commoners prefer barter and trade of goods and services, the use of coins is getting more popular among merchants and travellers. Silver is the preferred material, with bronze and copper beneath it and gold being rare and sought after. Here are presented the different currencies, the most usual being the Cernish crown . It is used as the standard on which others will be compared for the sake of simplicity, hence one Cernish crown/penny is marked SU (standard unit).

Bronze (10 = 1 silver)
Copper (100 = 1 silver)
Gold (1 = 10 silver)

Note: this system replaces the one found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. In a nutshell: silver replaces gold as the standard unit. Platinum is not used but is replaced by gold.


The Cernish crown is a widely used and valuable currency. Although the Cerns wouldn’t like to admit it, Osric has had an enormous influece on their minting and ways of taxing. Value: 1SU

  • Silver crown
  • Bronze crown
  • Copper penny (nicknamed “shrapnel”)
  • Gold crown


The Osric shilling is the most valuable currency in Drystan thanks to their endless pursuit of more trade and wealth. Value: 1,2 SU

  • Silver shilling
  • Bronze kepling
  • Copper farthling
  • Gold shilling


While Hrodland has a stable economy it is simply too small to be a major player in the mercantile game. Value: 0,9SU

  • Silver mark
  • Bronze mark
  • Copper pfennig
  • Gold hrodmark


Leguinea is splintered into too many city-states to have a stable and reliable economy which makes their coins less valuable in other lands. Value: 0,8SU

  • Silver rupie
  • Bronze thaler
  • Copper leone
  • Gold rupie


Phygosian coins are beautifully minted and they have a wide network of trading routes making their coins valuable beyond the size of their nation. Value 1SU

  • Silver drachma
  • Bronze dram
  • Copper uklema
  • Gold drutt


Formerly the standard currency everywhere in eastern Drystan, the Ellysian florint is worth little these days. It is mockingly called the “pauper’s unit”. Value 0,6SU

  • Silver florint
  • Bronze ducat
  • Copper centai
  • Gold florint

Other coins from distant countries usually have the value of 0,9SU


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