Drystan is populated by many different people with countless ways of speaking. Here are listed those known to the denizens of it’s eastern parts. As a result of the reign of Ellysians during the Imperial Cycle most of them share many similarities and terms.

Common languages

  • Cernish – spoken in Aenoria and commonly known in other lands. It has many similarities with nearby languages of Hrods, Leguineans and some of the Hillpeople. The older dialect spoken in some northern parts of Aenoria is sometimes called Old Kern.
  • Hraldir – spoken in Hrodland and in southern parts of Leguinea.
  • Osric – spoken in Osric and internationally by any serious trader.
  • Andorish – spoken in Leguinea and by many mercenaries.
  • Ellysian – spoken in Ellysia. Considered a “classic” language that is used by astrologists, alchemists and other learned people. Has had an influence on most of the languages mentioned above.

Uncommon languages

  • Phyntar – spoken in Phygosia and in some coastal cities of Aenoria.
  • Broich – spoken by the Hillpeople and some traders in northern Aenoria. Though not undestandable by the Cerns it shares many features with Cernish.
  • Merchant-speak – a sign language based on the motions of hands. Used mainly by crafty traders and thieves, although some soldiers have also found it useful in conveying orders silently.

Rare languages

  • Ogham – spoken by the druids of old. Today it isn’t used by anyone, save a few scholars.
  • Dentysh – spoken exclusively by the Dengalians.
  • Thyyr – spoken by the Thyrians and some pirates who roam the Southern Sea.
  • Drughrta – spoken by the Greenskins and a few of the Hillpeople.
  • Vidrel – spoken exclusively by the Vindiil.
  • Brill – spoken by the Bridei who believe it is a sin when an outsider speaks their language.
  • Arcanem – language of the wizards. It is a bastardisation of the language of the Vod-hin, made simpler and mixed with an older dialect of Ellysian. An extremely complex language, even short sentenced are very long, detailing everything – a must when casting spells.


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